Beautyberry Profusion 20cm Pot

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Callicarpa Profusion, also known as Beautyberry, is a beautiful eye-catching medium sized deciduous shrub which produces masses of tiny star shaped lilac flowers in summer.
When pollinated, these start to form the outstanding clusters of vibrant purple, almost metallic berries we see in autumn and winter. Not only do these berries bring a welcome splash of colour at a time when there is little else in flower, they also provide a valuable source of food for birds during the colder months, which they will thank you for.

It is not just the berries that are showy. Young leaves begin a bronze-purple colour that mature to deep green in summer, before fading to lime green then eventually plum purple in autumn.

Likes full sun/part shade in a sheltered spot

Will grow to 1.5 - 2.5m wide x 2.5-4m high over 10-20yrs