Blood Orange Tree 20cm Pot
Blood Orange Tree 20cm Pot
Blood Orange Tree 20cm Pot

Blood Orange Tree 20cm Pot

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1 x 20cm Blood Orange Tree

So what are blood oranges? Blood orange facts refer to it as a citrus fruit prized and cultivated for centuries for its juice, pulp, and sweet rind used in culinary creations.

From the outside, this smaller than a naval orange-sized fruit looks quite similar to most other orange citrus fruits.

However, another blood orange fact is that once cut into, a surprising “blood red” color is revealed. This brilliant crimson lends itself to the fleshy pulp as well as the juice, making it ideal for some gruesome sounding cocktail names.

The blossoms of blood orange trees are creamy white and have a delicious scent reminiscent of the tropics. Other blood orange facts are that culinarily they pair beautifully with seafood and can be used in surprising ways within desserts.

The fruit of blood orange trees is also sweeter than most other varieties of orange, it has very few seeds, and is easy to peel compared to other citrus fruits.

The question of how to grow blood oranges is a common one. First of all, remember that blood orange trees require a warm climate, between 55-85 F. (13-29 C.) outdoors and an average of 65 F. (18 C.) inside provided there is sufficient light.

Blood orange tree care also dictates planting in a citrus soil that is well-draining so the roots do not sit in water. 

During the winter months, keep blood orange trees in a bright location. If need be, move blood orange trees indoors during the possibility of frost or wrap the trunk with blankets or plastic combined with a thick layer of mulch around the base of the tree to protect it from freezing temperatures. Keep in mind that if blood orange trees are moved indoors during the winter months, additional humidity may be needed to keep the foliage pliable and lush.