Calla Lilies 13cm Pot

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1 x Calla Lilies 13cm Pot - please note colours will vary

This beautiful plant, grows from rhizomes and is ideal for use in beds and borders. You can also grow calla lilies in containers, either outdoors or in a sunny window as houseplants.

As with planting, there’s not too much required for the care of calla lilies other than keeping them watered and fertilized. An adequate layer of mulch around the plants will help keep the area moist and free of weeds. Calla lilies require a dormant period once flowering has ceased. During this time, you should refrain from watering as much to allow the plant to die back.

To ensure your Calla Lilies come back the following year, you will need to lift the rhizomes before the first frosts and store them over winter, replanting next spring when the risk of frost is passed. Store them in trays of compost in a cool, dark, frost-free place such as a garage or shed. Alternatively, overwinter at a minimum temperature of 10°C (50°F) indoors or in a warm greenhouse or conservatory. Ensure they are not overwatered - the cooler the temperature, the less water will be required.