Grass Collection 1L

Grass Collection 1L

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Plant name - Mix of 6 different grasses 

Mature Plant size - vary

Hardiness - Hardy in the severest European climates <-20c

Ideal for - Low maintenance borders and beds, Cottage and informal gardens, City and Courtyard gardens

Position - Full Sun or partial shade

Flowering - Summer 

Soil Type - Chalk, Clay, Loam or sandy. Moist but well drained. Acid, Alkaline or Neutral

Pot Size - 14cm 

Description - 

Calamagrostis Karl Foerster - Often known as feather reed grass, Calamagrostis × acutiflora 'Karl Foerster' can create a great feathery screen when planted en masse. Alternatively, Calamagrostis can be used to add height to a perennial border with it's erect growing habit. Best Features: Hardy and Fast-Growing, Very Low Maintenance.

Phalaris arundinacea 'Dwarf Garters' - One of the best white-variegated grasses for the border, this non-aggressive 12-15" refined ribbon grass, striped brightly with white, tinged pink in early spring, spreads slowly; nice in pots or edging small ponds. 

Calamagrostis Overdam - Distinctive mounds of green & white striped leaves that set off the pinkish feathery plumes of flower held on narrowly upright stems. Variegation can fade as season progresses. Sun or light shade. Can take some moisture.

Festuca glauca'Elijah Blue' - forms small cushions of very fine, inrolled, intensely ice-blue leaves, becoming greener in winter. From late spring to summer it bears narrow, bristly blue-green flower plumes that turn golden-brown

Ophiopogon japonicus - A quietly attractive, compact low growing form with narrow green leaves and occasional pale lilac flowers. Slow but long lived. Sun or part shade. Evergreen

Hakonechloa macra 'Allgold' - Also known as the Japanese forest grass, this striking perennial will add bold golden colour to your garden. This eye-catching foliage plant will delight with its long spiky leaves that will turn golden yellow in full sun and a bold lime green in part shade. Flowering from June to July with lime-green to yellow flowers. In autumn, the foliage will gain a pinkish hue and in winter it will change again to a tan yellow before dying back. It is low maintenance, easy-to-grow and its dwarf and mount forming habit makes it excellent for ground cover or planting along paths or trees.