Carex Oshimensis ‘Evergreen’ 1L
Carex Oshimensis ‘Evergreen’ 1L

Carex Oshimensis ‘Evergreen’ 1L

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Plant name - Carex Oshimensis ‘Evergreen’ 

Mature Plant size - Ultimate height 0.5m, Ultimate spread 0.5m

Hardiness - Hardy in the severest European climates <-20c

Ideal for - Low maintenance borders and beds, Cottage and informal gardens, City and Courtyard gardens

Position - Full Sun or partial shade

Flowering - Summer 

Soil Type - Chalk, Clay, Loam or sandy. Moist but well drained. Acid, Alkaline or Neutral

Pot Size - 14cm 

Description - The ‘Evergreen’ sedge grass has solid green leaves that grow and hang into a rounded shrub, feathery brown flowers extend up from the centre of the plant. They bring texture and interest to the garden and are becoming increasingly popular due to their robust hardiness against the worst of weather.