Fig Brown Turkey 12cm
Fig Brown Turkey 12cm
Fig Brown Turkey 12cm

Fig Brown Turkey 12cm

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Plant name - Ficus carica, Common Fig

Plant size - Height up to 3m Spread up to 4m

Hardiness - Hardy to between -5c and -10c. Best planted away from exposed windy sites. 

Ideal for - Garden veg beds, large containers and allotments. 

Position - Full Sun

Flowering - fruits produce in spring and ripen in the Summer 

Pot Size - 12cm

Soil Type - Any, except waterlogged soils

Description - Specially selected for the UK climate, Fig 'Brown Turkey' is fully hardy and can be grown very successfully outdoors. This popular self fertile fig produces large crops of sweet, juicy figs with a deep red flesh under their brown skins. With their attractive lobed foliage, Figs make a dramatic feature when fan trained against a sunny wall or grown in a container on the patio. Fruits develop in spring and ripen from August to September. A second crop often develops in late summer and if protected, these fruits will ripen during the following summer.