Fuchsia Collection 3 X 3L

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3 x 3L pots

This stunning collection contains:

1 x Fuchsia Herald - this is a small, bushy, upright deciduous shrub with light-green leaves. It bear single flowers with a scarlet tube and spreading sepals, and red-veined purple petals, in summer and autumn.

1 x Fuchsia Bernisser - this is a vigorous, upright, half-hardy, deciduous shrub bearing oval, mid-green leaves and, in summer, single flowers with red tubes, red sepals and purple corollas.

1 x Fuchsia Hawkshead - this is a bushy, upright, deciduous shrub, which produces slender, green-tipped, white flowers that appear to drip from the stems for several months throuout summer and autumn. Providing long lasting interest, it is perfect for mixed or shrub borders, and will even make an attractive, informal hedge