Grape Vine - Cabernet Sauvignon 3L

Grape Vine - Cabernet Sauvignon 3L

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1 x 3L Grape Vine - Cabernet Sauvignon 80-100cm long

One of the classic four claret varieties, originating from France but now grown throughout the world, this grape vine really is well worth growing and should not be treated just as a novelty.

It is unlikely that the fruit will ripen fully before the onset of winter if grown outdoors, exceptin the warmest parts of the UK and so we recommend growing under protection for best results.

Dark purple-black fruits produce a rich red juice that can be sweetened for drinking, or fermented to make fine red table wines with that characteristic blackcurrant overtone. The grapes themselves are fairly small in size whilst the vine has a good resistance to disease.

  • Originally from France.
  • Late-season fruit ripening (probably too late for most of the UK outdoors).
  • Winter wood ripening is good, so could be grown outdoors, though to guarantee fruit ripening we recommend protected growing (greenhouse, polytunnel or conservatory).
  • Can be trained using either the cane replacement method or spur pruning.
  • Self fertile.
  • Fruit contains seeds.
When growing grape vines choose a sunny position in any well drained soil. A south facing position against a wall is ideal. Grape vines require sturdy support for their twining stems. Before planting, prepare a framework of wires stretched horizontally between two sturdy 1.8m (6’) posts or attached to a warm wall. Prior to planting, incorporate plenty of well rotted manure or garden compost into the soil. Plant grape vines against the wire supports, allowing a distance of 2m (6’) between plants. After planting, reduce the newly planted grape vine back to height of the lowest support wire, and cut back any side shoots to one bud, before tying the main stem in to the supporting wires.