Hoya Kerrii - Sweetheart Plant

Hoya Kerrii - Sweetheart Plant

Hoya Kerrii - Sweetheart Plant

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Plant name - Hoya Kerrii - Sweetheart Plant 

Pot size - 6cm

Ultimate height: 10-15cm. Slow growing.

Light: Bright, indirect sun light.

Water: Does best in dry conditions. Water very little directly to the soil once per month and then allow to dry out before watering again. Less water is required in winter. Hoya will not tolerate standing in water so ensure the water can drain freely.

Temperature: Average household temperatures are fine with a minimum of 15°C.

Feed: Hoya should not require additional feeding, but if your plant looks like it could do with a boost, apply a phosphorus-heavy, water-based fertiliser at half-strength during the spring

Description: The perfect gift for someone you love, this double heart succulent will make a real statement. The best part is its super easy to look after.

Toxicity: I am pet friendly. 

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