Kiwiberry 4L
Kiwiberry 4L
Kiwiberry 4L

Kiwiberry 4L

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Plant name - Hardy Mini Kiwi - Actinidia ‘Kiwiberry’ (Issai)

Plant size - Height up to 4m, Spread up to 3m

Hardiness - Hardy to between -5c and -10c. Best planted away from exposed windy sites. 

Ideal for - Fruit and Veg garden, Climber - fence, garden wall, wooden structure. 

Position - Full Sun

Flowering -  Late Summer into Autumn 

Pot Size - 21cm

Description - The 'Issai' is a hardy plant that is known for its bumper crops. It bears small, cup-shaped, fragrant white flowers followed by edible yellow-green smooth fruit. This mini kiwi variety is self-fertile, so does not need a companion to produce fruit.

Water well during the growing season. In hot, dry conditions it might be necessary to water 2 to 3 times a week during this period. Mulch around the base of the plant in late winter.