Lemon Tree 20cm Pot
Lemon Tree 20cm Pot

Lemon Tree 20cm Pot

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1 x Lemon tree, approx 100-120cm high

Why not awaken your living space and your senses with one of our zesty lemon trees. The sweetly scented blossoms of this Lemon are followed by medium-sized bright yellow fruit year round! Lemons are tangy, juicy and slightly sweet when fully ripe.

Your lemon tree can grow in a container but will need protecting during cold-weather months before basking outside in spring and summer.

The sweetly scented blooms are self pollinating so will easily set fruit, especially when bees are active.

They require plenty of light, and are great in a Conservatory or greenhouse (they don’t like central heating). Deliciously fragrant white flowers open throughout the summer and are followed by good quality fruit. 

** Please Note **

The lemon tree will be on for the first year in the pot it arrives in but if you are planning on potting on, you will need to use an ericaceous or citrus compost!