Standard Acacia Mimosa 3L
Standard Acacia Mimosa 3L
Standard Acacia Mimosa 3L
Standard Acacia Mimosa 3L

Standard Acacia Mimosa 3L

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Plant Name - Acacia Dealbata Mimosa Grafted as a small standard tree 

Plant Size at maturity - Height 1m, Spread 0.75m

Hardiness -Mimosa is Half hardy, requires winter protection whilst young. Tolerance to -5c 

Ideal For - A Grafted standard Acacia Mimosa ideal for Pots and containers, sheltered flower beds 

Position - Mimosa thrive in full sun. 

Flowering - January - April

Pot Size - 19cm

Description - The canary-yellow blooms of the Flowering Mimosa Tree are a spectacular sight from January to April every year, where hundreds of bobbly yellow blooms smother the branches of the Mimosa tree in a lemon haze, almost hiding the stunning grey green filigree foliage that makes this tree a handsome year round feature in the garden.

Set among a ball of fern-like leaves on a standard stem, the eye-catching pom-pom blooms not only look a picture but carry a heavenly fragrance and provide a valuable nectar source for friendy insects that emerge in milder weather.

Widely seen across southern Europe, this variety, Acacia Dealbata Mimosa will thrive outdoors in most of the UK too and is a great plant for conservatories or sunny corners of a room indoors in regions prone to severe frost - altogether a super tree to own!

Toxicity - Toxic if ingested