Patio Fruit Tree Cherry Regina 4L
Patio Fruit Tree Cherry Regina 4L

Patio Fruit Tree Cherry Regina 4L

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Plant name - Cherry tree ‘Regina’

Plant size - Height up to 1.2m Spread up to 0.5m

Hardiness - Hardy to between -5c and -10c. Best planted away from exposed windy sites. 

Ideal for - Fruit and Veg garden, perfect for pots and containers

Position - Sun

Flowering -  Flowers in Spring, Fruit in Summer 

Pot Size - 21cm

Description - Regina is a modern late-season black dessert self-fertile cherry tree with a good balanced of flavour, large size cherries, and resistance to fruit-cracking. Although classified as a black cherry, the colour is more often very dark red. The flesh is firm, and the flavour is sublime. Ripens from mid July.

Supplied as standard specimen and makes a very decorative and productive plant for the patio.

Our varieties are specially grafted onto roots that keep trees smaller for easier harvests, while maintaining impressive yields. It’s an established tree which should fruit this year. 

This popular and tasty variety is self-fertile so it flowers and fruits independently. They produce fruit, even when planted in isolation.