Pineapple Champaca 14cm Pot
Pineapple Champaca 14cm Pot

Pineapple Champaca 14cm Pot

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Turn your living area into a tropical sanctuary by bringing in this exotic Pineapple Plant! This beautiful Pineapple Plant already has a single baby fruit growing, making it a plant that will be both exciting and rewarding to grow!

The fruit itself will emerge from the plant's sword-shaped leaves, that spread in an outwards direction, somewhat mirroring the apex of a Pineapple itself. It is of a low maintenance nature; merely requiring weekly watering, making it perfect for beginners, and further explaining its widespread popularity.

This Pineapple Plant will additionally do a brilliant job at improving the air quality within your home, contributing to a healthy environment for your friends and family.

  • Keep at 18-30c room temperature
  • Likes indirect sunlight
  • Water once a week