Potentilla 19cm Pot

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1 x 19cm Potentilla Pot - available in the below colour varieties:

'Red Ace' is a bushy deciduous shrub to 60cm tall, with small, pinnate leaves and yellow-backed, bright red flowers in summer and autumn, tending to fade to orange in hot weather

'Primrose Beauty' is a small bushy deciduous shrub with silky, grey-green pinnate leaves. Flowers 3cm in width, primrose-yellow with a darker centre

'Abbotswood' is a bushy deciduous shrub to 75cm, the small, dark green, pinnate leaves with 5 leaflets. Flowers white, 4cm in width, over a long season from late spring

'Kobold' is one of the top varieties of shrubby cinquefoil with bright yellow flowers from June until early autumn. The shrub grows slowly into a compact bush that will look very neat if pruned every spring. Such plant will flower more profusely and offer a larger mass of grass-green, deciduous leaves.

'Sommerflor' is a bushy deciduous shrub with greyish-green, pinnate leaves and bright golden-yellow flowers from early summer

'Goldstar' is a spreading deciduous shrub with pinnate, grey-green leaves and golden-yellow flowers 4cm wide from late spring to mid autumn

'Danny Boy' is a compact, mound-forming, deciduous shrub with pinnate leaves divided into five or seven small, narrowly oblong, grey-green leaflets and saucer-shaped, reddish-pink flowers in summer.