Red Heart Hibiscus Rope Planter
Red Heart Hibiscus Rope Planter

Red Heart Hibiscus Rope Planter

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1 x Rope Planter containing:

1 x Red Heart Hibiscus Plant - This is a medium-sized deciduous shrub of upright habit, with lobed dark green leaves. Flowers single, to 10cm in width, pure white with conspicuous deep red centres, from late summer.

Flowers from August to October

Likes full sun in a sheltered spot.

2 x Silver Bush Plants -Silverbush produces a shimmering ball of soft, silvery foliage that makes a striking contrast with green foliage plants or bright flowers. This plant is a native of Australia and is resilient to seashore conditions and drought tolerant once well-established.

2 x Pink or white Cuphea Plants - This is a compact, bushy spreading evergreen shrub to 45cm in height, with small, lance-shaped dark green leaves and small clusters of light purple, pink or white flowers 1cm across

* All our plant pots are made from 100% recycled plastic *