Red-Hot Pokers 2L Pots

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1 x Kniphofia Popsicle 2L pots - available in 5 colour options!

Colourful and exotic-looking, red-hot pokers flower over many months and make spectacular garden plants. They do well in coastal gardens and can be very long-lived.

Kniphofia Lemon Popsicle is a compact Red Hot Poker with a delicious, citrusy twist. This hardy and vibrant Kniphofia will flower all through summer and well into autumn, making it a must have for the border. Tubular lemon drop flowers bloom from the base upwards forming impressive, almost luminous flower spikes.

Orange Vanilla Popsicle is a two-toned beauty with flower spikes of red-orange over the creamy-white on the bottom in abundance throughout the summer and early autumn.

Mango Popsicle has flowers that appear on tall poker like spikes from early summer through to late autumn in a bright orange/mango colour.

Papaya Popsicle bears beautiful bi-colour red-orange and yellow spikes of flowers in abundance throughout the summer and early autumn.

Pineapple Popsicle is a hybrid kniphofia that produces ornamentally impressive cream to pineapple-yellow flowers in 7” long racemes (to 100 densely packed flowers per raceme) atop 26” tall flower scapes rising above a 14” tall basal clump of strap-shaped, medium green leaves.