Scented Geranium 1L

Scented Geranium 1L
Scented Geranium 1L
Scented Geranium 1L
Scented Geranium 1L
Scented Geranium 1L
Scented Geranium 1L
Scented Geranium 1L

Scented Geranium 1L

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Plant Name - Scented Geranium 

 Plant Size - Height 0.75m Spread 0.5m

Hardiness - Frost tender

Ideal For - Pots and Containers, Beds and Borders

Position - Full Sun 

Flowering - Spring, Summer, early Autumn

Description -

Scented geranium plants are a sensual delight in any home or garden. Their varied and textured leaves, the bright colors of their flowers, the scented oils they produce, and the flavor they can add to food and drinks appeal to all five of our senses. 

You can grow them in pots, indoors or out, or in the ground. They prefer lots of sun, but may need some protection when the sun is at its strongest. They aren’t fussy about soil type though they don’t like wet feet.

You can easily grow scented geranium from cuttings to replace older plants or to give as gifts to friends. You might want to line a path with plants grown from your cuttings. Whether in containers or in the ground, grow scented geraniums where they will be touched as the leaves need to be brushed or crushed to release the aromatic oils.

Before the first frost of fall, dig up your plants to bring indoors or take cuttings for winter growing. Scented geraniums do well indoors under the same conditions as out. Keep them in a sunny window, water regularly, and fertilize very little.

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