Strawberry Mara des Bois 6 Pack
Strawberry Mara des Bois 6 Pack

Strawberry Mara des Bois 6 Pack

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Plant name - This collection contains 6 x 9cm pots of ‘Mara des Bois’

Plant size - Height up to 0.3m, Spread up to 0.3m

Hardiness - Hardy to between -5c and -10c. Best planted away from exposed windy sites. 

Ideal for - Garden veg beds, pots, baskets, large containers and allotments. 

Position - Full Sun

Flowering -  Fruits from late spring into Summer 

Pot Size - 6 x 9cm pots

Soil Type - Any

Description -  This very special perpetual fruiting strawberry is the only variety to combine the aromatic flavour of the wild alpine strawberry with the fruit size and yield of the modern cultivars.  When fully ripe, the medium sized berries are extremely fragrant and develop an intense flavour and aroma similar to the woodland strawberry. Highly sought after by top chefs, if you travel to France and visit the local markets you will see fruits of this wonderful variety on sale when in season. Resistant to powdery mildew.