Titania Blackcurrant 4L
Titania Blackcurrant 4L
Titania Blackcurrant 4L

Titania Blackcurrant 4L

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Plant name - Ribes rubrum ‘Titania’ Blackcurrant 

Plant size - Height up to 1.5m, Spread up to 1.5m

Hardiness - Hardy to between -5c and -10c. Best planted away from exposed windy sites. 

Ideal for - Cottage, Kitchen Garden, flower beds, low maintenance gardens. 

Position - Full Sun or part shade 

Flowering -  April May followed by fruits in the Summer 

Pot Size - 21cm

Description - A fantastic new mid-season variety, Blackcurrant ‘Titania’ produces high yields of exceptional quality fruit which are bursting with flavour. The fruit of this generous cropper are particularly large and incredibly juicy. Treating you to a long cropping season, you can enjoy fresh pickings from early July and into August. A great balance of sweet and tart, enjoy these attractive glossy fruits fresh with desserts, as a snack or use them to make tasty puddings and jams. Bushy, vigorous plants are strong and productive, showing resistance to common problems like mildew and rust.