Tree Fern 2L
Tree Fern 2L

Tree Fern 2L

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Plant name - Dicksonia antarctica

Plant size - Height to 4m, spread to 4m

Hardiness - Frost tender will need winter protection whilst young

Ideal for - Sheltered flower beds and pots 

Position - Full to part shade 

Flowering -  Grown for foliage 

Pot Size - 17cm 

Description -  Dicksonia antarctica is one of the hardier tree ferns. Its thick mass of roots form a trunk, from which large, long, filigree-like fronds appear. It works well when combined with ferns and other woodland plants, or in an exotic planting scheme.

Tree ferns are a full shade plant - their natural habitat is beneath the tree canopy of mature forests. They prefer a sheltered, humid position with shade for at least part of the day. However, they can cope with full sun if they have sufficient water. A humus-rich soil is ideal that retains moisture. Wind is their enemy - try to choose a sheltered site which is not particularly windy.