Tulip Flaming Parrot Bulbs

Tulip Flaming Parrot Bulbs

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7 Bulbs per pack.

 This vibrant variety bears beautifully large flared heads with intricately feathered edges. Petals twist and turn this way and that, each one a buttery yellow with vivid jammy red splashes. The cup-shaped flower heads open out as the plant matures, providing an ongoing and varied display. They are held up by sturdy stems, surrounded by lance-shaped foliage.
Flaming Parrot not only looks good in pots or the border, but is perfect for unique cut flower displays. How about mixing with other outrageous looking tulips, for a display that celebrates the whimsically wonderful?

Don't forget that tulips like to be planted late in October and November with the colder weather (it helps wipe out disease, too.)

Plant bulbs pointy side up, 15cm deep and water well. 

Flowers April to May. Height 55cm.