About Us

Welcome to Hope Plants!

Our mission is to bring you the highest quality plants and flowers direct from the nurseries to your doors! 

So who are we?

My name is Camilla and my fiancé is Matthew and we live in Chichester West Sussex. This is a family run, well currently just the two of us, independent business that was set up due to my partner losing his job in horticulture sales due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

We were desperately trying to think of a way we could keep the roof over our head, provide for our 3 young boys as well as support the local horticulture industry and community. Sounds easy right!?

So...after a social media post to ask you all if you would like some plants delivered to your doors, 'Hope Plants' was created! The support we have received so far has been overwhelming! We deliver the freshest, highest quality plant stock, direct from the nurseries to your door! 

Matthew is the front end sales man of the business, working with the nurseries, sourcing the plant offers and also our delivery man! I have created our website & Facebook page and I am also the one responding to all of your lovely messages...so all the hard work sits with me!! 😅 I try to respond as quickly as I can but I also have a full time job as a mum to our 3 young boys (4yrs and younger!) so please bear with me!

As we say "Hope Plants - Bringing you HOPE to your door!"