The Future for Hope Plants...

11 comments by Matthew Skinner

Hope Plants will be continuing to deliver plants to your doors after lockdown!! 👍🏼

I know a few of you have asked recently what will happen to us once the garden centres open back up. Well...we are here to stay!

Matt and I will be continuing to supply you with the highest quality and freshest plant stock direct from the nurseries to your doors!

We are relieved for the horticulture industry that garden centres will be opening up very soon but we still truly believe there is a strong future for online plant sales and for Hope Plants! You can’t beat the freshness and quality of stock when it’s coming to you direct from the nursery to your door in under 2hrs! 👌🏼

Our wonderful team of drivers (not all are in the picture!) plus Matt have managed to supply you all with great quality plants over the past 6 weeks and I have loved speaking to you all through Facebook and email. We have an amazing community of Hope customers and we look forward to the future with you all 🥰

Enjoy the sunshine!

Camilla x


  • Terence Webster

    Amazing service – compost delivered the day after it was ordered. I can now continue potting up my veg.

  • Katy Mason

    I am so glad Hope Plants home delivery is here to stay. You are my yard stick that I use to explain to people how some businesses have not only adapted to the CV19 situation, but thrived by doing so. I am so very pleased you guys have found that the business model works & I am so glad you will continue to deliver to homes, as this is such a great option for us other business owners who work ridiculous hours & often cannot get to the Garden Centres. I have ordered numerous times from Hope Plants & the quality of the products is excellent & ease of ordering is fantastic. Woo hoo! for Hope Plants. So pleased for you guys, all the best for the future. You have a customer for life :)

  • Jacqui

    Hi Camilla & Matt,
    Can’t thank you enough for the excellent & friendly service you provide, also the great plants! I don’t want to look back at how much I have spent in recent times on new plants 😂 but as far as I’m concerned, every single penny was worth it! My garden is now one full of colour, comfort & joy as a result! Thank you 😊

  • Beverley Kew

    Very glad to hear this news. My garden is looking lovely, thankyou to you your frindly driver and all your team. I wish you all the very best. Have a great summer 😊

  • Fay Brown

    Thank you so much for our rapid delivery today – it made us both so happy to welcome a selection of beautiful, healthy plants into our garden! And delivered by such a cheerful driver too :)

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