The Future for Hope Plants...

11 comments by Matthew Skinner

Hope Plants will be continuing to deliver plants to your doors after lockdown!! 👍🏼

I know a few of you have asked recently what will happen to us once the garden centres open back up. Well...we are here to stay!

Matt and I will be continuing to supply you with the highest quality and freshest plant stock direct from the nurseries to your doors!

We are relieved for the horticulture industry that garden centres will be opening up very soon but we still truly believe there is a strong future for online plant sales and for Hope Plants! You can’t beat the freshness and quality of stock when it’s coming to you direct from the nursery to your door in under 2hrs! 👌🏼

Our wonderful team of drivers (not all are in the picture!) plus Matt have managed to supply you all with great quality plants over the past 6 weeks and I have loved speaking to you all through Facebook and email. We have an amazing community of Hope customers and we look forward to the future with you all 🥰

Enjoy the sunshine!

Camilla x


  • HIlly Ayton

    Hi Camilla,
    We notice that quite a lot of stock is now sold out, although we now plan to order Geraniums, Petunias, & Sweet Peppers, we would also appreciate some cheaper bags of compost, osteospermum & onion sets if they may be available too please?
    Thank you, Hilly

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