The Future for Hope Plants...

11 comments by Matthew Skinner

Hope Plants will be continuing to deliver plants to your doors after lockdown!! 👍🏼

I know a few of you have asked recently what will happen to us once the garden centres open back up. Well...we are here to stay!

Matt and I will be continuing to supply you with the highest quality and freshest plant stock direct from the nurseries to your doors!

We are relieved for the horticulture industry that garden centres will be opening up very soon but we still truly believe there is a strong future for online plant sales and for Hope Plants! You can’t beat the freshness and quality of stock when it’s coming to you direct from the nursery to your door in under 2hrs! 👌🏼

Our wonderful team of drivers (not all are in the picture!) plus Matt have managed to supply you all with great quality plants over the past 6 weeks and I have loved speaking to you all through Facebook and email. We have an amazing community of Hope customers and we look forward to the future with you all 🥰

Enjoy the sunshine!

Camilla x


  • Theresa

    Could you please contact me as I would like to place an order for a local school. I have been given some money and would like to donate it to the school .l have just planted some of your bedding plant which were excellent . If possible could you give me a phone number to contact you on. Many thanks

  • Lindsay Burns

    Hi Camilla- just wondering if you are able to get hold of Silver Birch trees. My sister bought me one as a new home gift but I haven’t managed to coax it to life so I am anxious to replace it before she comes to visit me again! Help!

  • Sue Chapman

    Thank you all at Hope Plants. I’m an NHS nurse and my garden has been a huge source of pleasure and much needed distraction during the last few weeks, and you’ve all really helped with that. Knowing that I can everything I need quickly delivered, of the highest quality and in the best condition has been just the best. My garden has never looked (or tasted, great veg, guys!) so good.
    Big thank you

  • Mrs Maureen Abbott

    Way back at start of lockdown when you showed a picture of what might happen to plants- not just yours I think potentially filling up skips, I took the plunge and ordered 2 of your plant collections. Just to let you know my garden is full of colourful beautiful blooms and a complete stranger commented how beautiful my hanging baskets were full of pink trailing petunias and other pink plants. They are beautiful. Thank you. My only comment would be for future years/sales the name of the plant somewhere would help idiots like me. I still have a couple of beautiful plants which I can’t name despite investing in an app. To help me. Pity as I can’t Oder again unless I find out what they are. Still you have plenty of others I can try out. Oh and the bags of compost I got from you when there were none anywhere else have also been great. Thank you once again

  • Janet Howell

    I live on Richmond Park estate and many of us have benefited from your wonderful plants and excellent service this year. This morning I walked round a nearby cricket field and realised that the lime trees are in full bloom but there are no bees on them. This underlines the sad decline in the bee population. I wondered if at some time you might be keen on selling a collection, or several, of plants to attract pollinators. I think gardens in towns can provide a rich source of nectar if people put in the right plants.

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